Become an Authorised Training Provider for imparting skill development training

Are you passionate about skill development and committed to providing high-quality training that empowers individuals to succeed in their chosen careers? Join us at the National Council for Vocational Education (NCVE) as an Authorized Training Provider (ATP) and play a vital role in shaping the future workforce through vocational education and training.

Why Partner with NCVE as an Authorized Training Provider?

Becoming an ATP with NCVE offers numerous benefits:

  1. Credibility and Recognition: As an ATP with NCVE, you gain credibility and recognition within the vocational education and training sector. NCVE accreditation signifies your commitment to excellence and adherence to rigorous standards of quality and professionalism.
  2. Access to Resources and Support: NCVE provides ATPs with access to a wealth of resources, including curriculum frameworks, instructional materials, and professional development opportunities. Our team is committed to supporting ATPs in delivering high-quality training that meets industry needs.
  3. Industry Alignment: NCVE works closely with industry partners to ensure that our training programs are aligned with current industry trends, standards, and best practices. As an ATP, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with industry stakeholders and tailor your programs to meet industry demands.
  4. Student Placement and Networking: NCVE offers assistance with student placement and networking opportunities, connecting ATPs with employers, internship providers, and job placement agencies to facilitate student transitions into the workforce.

How to Become an Authorized Training Provider with NCVE:

  1. Submit an Expression of Interest: Begin the process by submitting an expression of interest indicating your intent to become an ATP with NCVE. Provide information about your organization, programs offered, facilities, and other relevant details.
  2. Complete Accreditation Process: Upon acceptance of your expression of interest, you’ll undergo NCVE’s accreditation process, which includes a review of your organization’s eligibility, on-site assessment, and evaluation against NCVE’s accreditation standards.
  3. Sign Partnership Agreement: Once accreditation is granted, you’ll sign a partnership agreement with NCVE outlining the terms and conditions of your partnership as an ATP.
  4. Launch and Deliver Programs: With accreditation in place, you’ll have the opportunity to launch and deliver vocational education and training programs under the auspices of NCVE, providing students with valuable skills and credentials for success in the workforce.

Join Us in Upholding Excellence in Vocational Education

If you are committed to excellence in vocational education and training, we invite you to undergo the accreditation process with NCVE. Contact us today to learn more about our accreditation procedures, guidelines, and how NCVE can support your journey towards accreditation and excellence in vocational education.